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Jan 2018


  9789386261892 - Tag: 89391
  IRS 2495.00 - Pak Rs. 4,865.25


Exfoliative cytology, which is a quick and simple procedure, is an important alternative to biopsy in certain situations. In exfoliative cytology, cells shed from body surfaces, such as the inside of the mouth, are collected and examined. This technique is useful only for the examination of surface cells and often requires additional cytological analysis to confirm the results (Encyclopaedia Britannica). This book is a comprehensive guide to exfoliative cytopathology presenting 215 real cases supplemented with clinical details and microphotographs. Each case covers a description of the problem, diagnostic criteria and features, differential diagnosis and immunocytochemistry, and treatment options. Divided into eight sections, the book presents cases highlighting cytology in different systems of the body - general, cervical, effusion, respiratory, gastrointestinal tract, urine, cerebrospinal fluid, concluding with a chapter on miscellaneous topics. Cases are presented in multiple choice question format, with detailed answers and suggestions for further reading. Key Points * Comprehensive guide to exfoliative cytology * Presents 215 real cases supplemented with clinical details and microphotographs * Covers cytology of different systems of the body * Cases presented in multiple choice question format